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Daniela Sigurd Jewellery


In northern Sweden where the summers are light and the winters are dark a teenager dreamt of escaping to adventures in the bright lights big city.

‘One day’ she though ‘i will have my own stall and make and sell pretty things I’ve made .She just didn’t know what these things would be yet. So at 19 she moved to London and while finding her feet in a new country and figuring out what these pretty things would be she ended up studying and working in fashion .Jewellery making became a hobby and not forgetting her initial dream she tried a saturday stall at Londons Portobello market.She quickly acquired some stockists,Daniela Sigurd jewellery was born,she quit her day job and as they say: the rest is history.

Taking inspiration from travels,animals,the symbols and meaning of charms We want our jewellery to have a sense of fun,be quirky and feminine at the same time and feel personal to you.

We hope our pieces will make ideal gifts for a special occasion ,for a special person or a well deserved treat for yourself .

With the help of a team of assistants all pieces are lovingly handmade from our East London studio.

We love what we do and we do what we love and we hope it shows!